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 Open letter to Illinois gun owners from the ISRA website

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PostSubject: Open letter to Illinois gun owners from the ISRA website   Mon Feb 19, 2007 5:34 pm

An open letter to all gun owners in Illinois
from IGOLD Coordinator Valinda Rowe:

Dear Illinois Gun Owner,

Many of you are aware of the present legislative danger we are all in. For those of you who are not aware, if Mayor Daley and the anti-gun crowd have their way Illinois gun owners will become extinct, non-existent, gone, history, no more. Mayor Daley has vowed to rid the state of guns and he makes no distinction between the illegal firearms wielded by the violent criminals and gang members of his city and those firearms owned by law-abiding, peaceful Illinois citizens.

Legislators who follow the Daley call have already used the current session of the 95th General Assembly to introduce legislation to ban our favorite sporting, hunting, and defense firearms and even more legislation to further restrict the rights of Illinois gun owners.

Every Illinois legislator needs to hear a loud and clear "no ban - no more restrictions - no compromise!" from every gun owner in the state of Illinois. Better yet they need to SEE us loud and clear in person too! Please join me in going to the state capitol on ILLINOIS GUN OWNER LOBBY DAY, Wed. March 14, 2007.

Nothing is more important at this critical time in the history of Illinois gun owners than to be seen and be heard at IGOLD. Let's unite in our opposition to the proposed gun bans, restrictions, and infringements on our rights. Let's stand firm and yield no ground to those who would take our lawful right from us.

Yes, it is a Wednesday. Yes, it is in the middle of the week. Yes, it is a work day! But it is necessary to make our presence known in Springfield while the General Assembly is also present. I encourage you - do what ever you have to do to be in Springfield for IGOLD. Bring every gun owner you know with you! Take a vacation day, take a personal day, whatever you have to do because the greater our number, the greater our voice!

For more information click here - http://igold.isra.org

An Illinois gun owner determined to protect her rights and yours,
Valinda Rowe
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Open letter to Illinois gun owners from the ISRA website
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